It has long been a challenge to successfully weld plastics. We now have the answer to make successful welds without losing any flexibility of the weld. The welding system makes used of compressed air (from a normal air compressor), which gets converted to nitrogen, heated to the optimum temperature for the welding process. The heated, compressed nitrogen, then gets regulated to a perfect airflow speed.

Because nitrogen, instead of normal oxygen based gas, carries the heat, this welding method locks out all oxygen form the weld, resulting in a highly flexible strong bond.

At Q SHOP, we are committed towards our vision and execution of a turnkey solution for transformation of the aftermarket automotive industry.

Our combined experience of over fifty years in this industry has taught us that throwing money nor expensive equipment at the problem is definitely not the solution to succeeding, as this does not speed up the process of expediting repairs faster without compromising quality.


Faster Cycle Times

Faster cycle time means that vehicles spend less time in the shop - it's beneficial for the consumer and shop owner.

Protect the Brand

Customer is able to keep the original bumper, which helps protects the brand.

Fewer Total Losses

When consumers experience a total loss, they are often dissatisfied and would like to keep the car on the road.

Shorter Length of Rentals

Faster cycle times means a shorter length of rental for the insurance.

Nationwide Coverage

We arrange pick up and delivery of panels to be repaired.

More Affordable Insurance

Quality repairs are done on parts that historically would have been replaced. This would lower costs for insurers.

Green Initiative

By keeping the original part on the vehicle, it reduces recycling volume


  • OEM standard is maintained
  • Fitment, function and form of the repaired panel is maintained
  • Strongest and most flexible welds each time
  • UV resistant coating is used on all headlight and taillight lens repairs
  • Reduction in repair cost
  • Reduction in cycle times of repairs
  • Overall better customer experience
  • Automechanika Innovation Award
    Silver Medalist
    Johannesburg 2019’s Innovation Awards Competition